Niebo is an important player on the european market by placing high quality temporary kitchens. The units they place are all certified for professionals use and can house up to 400 people, depending on customers specifications.

  • Video Reel
  • Photography
  • UX design
  • Responsive design
Niebo Europe


The assignment

The outdated website of Niebo was still programmed in flash, and therefore not usable on mobile devices. In addition, the website only provided a catalog of specific units and products and therefore did not provide a good representation of the project sizes Niebo could facilitate. In collaboration with Mediatastisch and Hout Video, a new and responsive website has been developed that focuses primarily on projects and visual material in a fresh style.

Color & material

The colors are inspired by the default branding of Niebo, and complemented with two accent colors that trigger actionable buttons or give complementary views.

Dark Blue


Light faded green


Sea blue


Company showreel