A new open night concept for the creative industry

During ADNIGHT, doors will be opened that would usually be closed. For one night only, creative agencies all around Amsterdam open their doors to showcase their agency, work and culture. Around 50 agencies participate each year, putting a spotlight on the diversity of Amsterdam’s creative industry.

UX design

Branding items





The assignment

Adnight is an new concept created that would be the ultimate kitchen review for creative agency’s in Amsterdam. Visitors are allowed to roam free and explore all participating agency’s for one night. In coorperation with 51North and dawn, i got tasked to create an interactive webdesign where visitors can view projects, planning, routes and buy tickets on mobile and desktop design.



Via an interactive map, users were engaged to plan a unique route through the city. Agencies could showcase their events in a timeline. This resulted in a creative buzz and unconstrained meet&greet throughout Amsterdam.

Website UX design